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101 French Lingerie Collections

Trying new things can be intimidating, thereâs no other way around it, we get that sinking feeling in our stomach and are suddenly transported to our first day at a new job. Where we donât know anyone, anything about the different surroundings, despite quick introductions and rushed tours. Exploring the world of French lingerie can feel overwhelming at first, new words entering your vocabulary, such as: baby doll, thigh highs, balcony, chemise and so on. No one is born an expert, which was our inspiration behind this article, the easy beginners guide to French lingerie. As learning to be body confident should be a language we all understand.

Comfort and Fit

There is a rather odd myth surrounding lingerie, which centres on idea that you will need to sacrifice your comfort. There is only style when it comes to feeling sexy and absolutely no structural support. Cute lingerie is just for people that have âmodelâ physiques and is not available to those of us with fuller figures. None of this is true; this rumour comes from a few bad experiences, or people going to the wrong type of lingerie stores. So what is the right type? Going to a lingerie store is the best way, as many of them have assistants that can measure you and find your correct size. If you arenât comfortable doing that, get a friend or your S.O to do it for you, online providers will have a size guide. Which means goodbye to red marks on your shoulders, loose fitting knickers/panties and ill fitting night wear.

Items and body confidence

Lingerie is just a collective term, it covers a whole range or items and styles, from matching sets to nightwear. Donât feel rushed into making a purchase, look around and take time to browse. What do you want to try out? What would you be comfortable in? Also, one of the most important things to consider is, how does it make you feel? Lingerie is all about making you feel body confident. What makes you feel sexy, a boss and thrilled to be wearing. Lingerie is like an accessory, something that is designed to kick your confidence up a notch, no matter what you wear on top of it. Remember if you wonât try it, donât buy it, French lingerie is just about you.

The fun of lingerie

The wonderful things about lingerie is the amount of items available to you, it isnât just garter belts and corsets. There are many styles, fabrics and types of lingerie available. If you feeling a little risqué try something a little more revealing? Looking for something a little sexier maybe try a little lace? Try a different bra, what about: peep, balcony, plunge, push up, lace, silk and so many others.

The point of French Lingerie is about inner confidence and developing that into outer confidence. Feeling good about yourself should be fundamental and as easy as putting of a pair of French knickers. We hope you found this useful, happy shopping!


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