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5 Diy Beauty Treatments -

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, many of us have had to cut back on the luxury items and indulgences such as beauty treatments at their local Beauty Bar. While this will have a positive effect on your bank balance, it won't do much good for your stress levels, so here are several ways you can still pamper yourself and de-stress without breaking the bank.

1. Loofah One of the most important rules in skin care is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Keep a loofah handy always and remember to replace your loofah ever 4 weeks or so to keep your skin looking fresh and free of dull, dead cells.

2. Apple cider toner Apple cider vinegar is fantastic when used in cooking, but it also unclogs pores, lightens sun and age spots and dissolves dead skin cells. Make your own apple cider vinegar toner by pouring one part apple cider vinegar and two parts distilled or filtered water into a glass bottle or Mason jar. Use cotton balls to apply the toner to your face, balance your skin's PH and minimize your pores. Replace the concoction monthly, but know that there's no need to refrigerate the mixture, which makes this DIY skin solution a no-brainer!

3. pH Balance Bubble baths have a reputation for sometimes leaving skin dry and itchy, and this is something that occurs with some people more than others. Avoid this is very simple, just rinse yourself thoroughly with clear water afterwards. Taking a quick shower will certainly do the trick, or you can choose to have a second bath with a mix of water and some lemon juice. This will return your skin to a more natural, slightly acidic pH level.

4. DIY Beauty Tips While everyone dreams of Botox treatments, the true home spa goddesses of the world use the gifts all around us. By this I mean the natural skin care ingredients that are in abundance. Nonsurgical facelifts are best if you ask me, Botox might be OK if you have the unlimited bank balance to keep going back every month or two, but what about the long-term effects of Botox? The best nonsurgical facelift starts with cucumbers or potatoes: They are fantastic for eye treatments. Start by spritzing your eyes with cold water, and then cut some slices of either cucumber or potato and place them over your eyes as you relax. Some people get better results with cucumbers, while others prefer potatoes. Cucumbers and potatoes are good for soothing puffy eyes, do it while you relax to some great music or just taking a catnap.

5. The Nonsurgical Facelift To finish your DIY beauty treatment regime, try an egg-white mix which will plump up your skin. This step is just as easy as the other three, beat an egg white until just before it forms soft peaks. Now, dab it softly around your eyes and cheeks, or any other problem spots. It will take about ten minutes to dry, then spritz with cold water before gently removing. To remove the mix you'll just need a cotton ball and more cold water.

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