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Airbrush Makeup Tips

Airbrush makeup is a bit time-consuming, but it delivers the most flawless result. It can produce a perfectly even complexion. This is the main reason why it is the newest trend in beauty and makeup at present. The following can help you amp up your airbrushing skills and create your desired flawless result.

1. Prepare your skin. Your skin should be fully prepared before you apply the makeup. Wash your face then put on a light moisturizer. This aids in making your skin smooth. Note that Airbrush makeup tends to clump up easily, which means that it highlights even minor dry skin patches. For oily skin, a pH-balancing toner is more preferable than a moisturizer.

2. Clean your airbrush tools carefully. This will ensure that the makeup will evenly flow through the nozzle. Every airbrush gun also features a tiny compartment where you place the liquid makeup, and it is important for this to be perfectly clean prior to using it. It is also crucial to clean the whole nozzle to prevent hardened makeup from clogging the gun.

To remove hardened or clogged makeup, pour just the right amount of warm water into the compartment. You should then spray the gun. This will allow the water to clean any remaining makeup in the nozzle. Its also advisable to test spray the makeup into your hand prior to using it. This will ensure that it will evenly spray out.

3. Put on your concealer first. Airbrush makeup tends to adhere to your skin in such a way that its difficult to blend or move it using a sponge once you applied it into your skin. This prolongs its effect. If you apply the concealer right after, then it will only ruin the look of the airbrushed skin. This tip lets you blend all the makeup products easily, thereby promoting better and more even coverage.

4. Avoid using traditional liquid foundations in the airbrush gun This often leads to clogging since the pigments and ingredients dont run smoothly through the gun.

5. Ensure that the gun is completely dry It should be free from water. Note that additional liquids can reduce the quality of the applied makeup while also compromising its long-lasting effect.

6. Airbrush the eyes and lips Highlighting, contouring and foundation are among the uses of airbrushing, but you dont have to limit yourself to those. Note that your airbrush is also useful in applying eyeshadow. The result is a clean and even coverage, which you can expect to last long. You can also utilize an eyeshadow shield if you want to avoid over spraying.

Your airbrush is also useful in creating the perfect pout. Use a lip stencil to further obtain a cleaner and crisper edge for your chosen lip color. You may also use some of the airbrush shades designed for your lips as blush colors. Just make sure to apply them lightly.

With the aid of the tips here, you will be on your way towards utilizing airbrush makeup to your advantage.


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