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Tom Hardy Body Transformation Workout

A Dedicated Actor who has Undergone a Lot of Body Transformations There is probably no other actor like Tom hardy who is as dedicated to changing his bodys appearance to fit the roles he undertakes. A notable few will perhaps include Christian Bale (who happens to star with him in Batman Begins, where both actors packed on some serious muscle).

Three of the roles that come to mind for Tom Hardys amazing transformation include the aforementioned Batman Begins, Warrior and Mad Max: Fury road.

In all three, he portrayed a muscle bound figure although there are slight variations to his musculature and build. Take note: Tom Hardy, in his normal weight class, isnt someone youd think as capable of bench pressing 500-lbs. or so, owing to the fact that he is only 29 and a little bit on the heavy side of slim.

Tom Hardys transformations arent as extreme as other actors but they are nonetheless amazing. The key to Tom Hardys effective transformation is his dedication to his craft to look the part and the perseverance and endurance to undergo harsh training conditions to achieve his goal.

For Warrior, Tom Hardy had to look like a legitimate MMA fighter. This meant undergoing the same training as most MMA fighters go through their entire lives. Most people wont find that impressive until you remember that Tom Hardy had to get in shape within a shorter period of time than most MMA fighters have the luxury of having.

He was subjected to a steady diet of broccoli and chicken and did nothing but workout for the months prior to filming. This resulted in a very firm body musculature with very little fat present, which ultimately convinced everyone that Tom had been fighting all his life.

For Batman Begins, Tom had to take on the role of muscle bound Bane and he needed to pack on an additional 30 pounds within 3 months to convince everyone he was the malevolent character who broke Batmans back. His diet added more calories (aside from the chicken and broccoli) and he had to undergo a more intense workout routine. This workout routine is called the 5x5 regimen. It involves a lot of heavy weights and 5 sets with 5 repetitions with only a short amount of break time.

Lastly, for Mad max: Fury Road, Tom had to take on the appearance of a grizzled warrior - not too bulky and not too ripped. This meant he had to bring his weight down nearer to his Warrior role weight and tone his muscles just enough to convince us that he can pull off the stunts he did in that film.

For all these roles, Tom had to sacrifice a lot in terms of his diet and his workout routine and for that, he should be highly respected as an actor dedicated to his craft.


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