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5 Awesome Chunks Of Info About Aubade Lingerie House

Make way for sensual underwear

There once was a time when lingerie was all about ensuring the right support was provided. In 1875 Doctor Bernard founded the company although the company's story began back in 1958. The company set new standards that other lingerie providers followed. The limitations put in place by the demand for physical support had been taken away to provide women with underwear that didn't make them uncomfortable, but instead sensual. Underwear that made people feel as good as they looked was the turning point for the sexy underwear ranges worn today.Visit this link for more great information on lingerie

Why you feel incomplete without matching sets

Although today in the modern world many women feel the need to match their underwear it wasn't always about looking great. Now that women and men were starting to see underwear as an extra fashion accessory to share in the bedroom Aubade was the first to make matching sets setting the trend that people still follow today. Advertising also took a turn as humour was added rather than the physical support structure advertisement that was previously the case.

Let's talk about sex

A taboo subject for many only a decade prior Aubade had created the world's first brand that oozed female sensuality. As well as leading the way for bedroom fashion Aubade was also the first company to provide women with strapless and halter bras as well as a functional bra that could be hooked up at the front. Advertisement took a turn towards underwear being sexual and focussed more on couples and relationships than a hidden taboo.

Let's bring in the boys

As the brand had changed its focus to couples not just he support that women needed new inspiration came from dance leading them to create the first ever tanga. This was quickly copied by others leading to the G string we know today. Thanks to the relationship focus men were also incorporated into the advertising to further show the company's focus in a light that the world had never seen before.

Monochrome advertising

By the 1990's fashion had changed a lot, greatly influenced by French designers like Aubade. New cult lines were added to their ranges and the monochrome advertising continued, however it took a more seductive turn as peoples prudishness waned off. Seduction was at the heart of their designs and the advertising was seen as being artistic rather than something to be snubbed. Women started to feel empowered and embracing their natural bodies in beautiful lingerie that made them look and feel sexy.

Another new innovation within the advertising was Aubade being the first company to display a woman in her lingerie in the streets with numerous posters that further supported their advertising aiming towards sensuality than just a requirement to be worn under clothing for support. Women finally felt comfortable buying underwear with their partner's satisfaction in mind rather than as a necessity which is something that other brands quickly copied leading us to the sensual advertising methods we see today.

The Biggest Makeup Mistakes Brides Make


Are you a bride, planning for your wedding day? If yes, makeup is one of the key things that will get you look more beautiful, hence it should be done in the right way to achieve its purpose. The following are the biggest makeup mistakes brides make, avoid them and you will look the best on your wedding day.

Trying something new:

A day of marriage is a special day for you; hence it is not the time to experiment new makeup that you have not used before. Most brides try to do more than what they do taking it too far. You need to choose tones that will make you comfortable and enhance your beauty. It is not the time to try smoky eyes or red lipstick, just aim to look normal but more beautiful.

Skipping the makeup trial:

Many brides fail to have a makeup trial, hence trying them during the wedding day. This can take time hence the bride can get late or even end up with the wrong makeup. It is highly advisable to schedule a makeup trial three months before the wedding with your makeup artist. This ensures that you come up with the best makeup that will look best on you early enough. If you are not happy with the first trial, plan for another one until you get a perfect look.

Not waterproofing your makeup:

Some brides use mascara or foundation that are not waterproof; hence they come off when they get wet. This makes the bride look funny when they start to come off, very embarrassing indeed; So it is advisable to use waterproof mascara and foundation. Some brides use lipsticks instead of a lip stain. Lipstick will come off, staining the groom's collar and even your dress; so it 's nice to use a lip stain for darker lip look.

Failure to pack enough emergency makeup kit:

Some brides dont pack enough emergency makeup kit; hence they look oily due to the days' activities. If you don't have enough makeup kit to maintain your makeup during the day, you will have a disappointing look. To avoid this, it is advisable to park important products like cotton swaps, lip color, tissues to fix lash glue, translucent powders and any other makeup you may need during the long day.

Most brides forget about their bridesmaids makeup:

It is highly advisable to advise your bridesmaids on makeup for your wedding day. Let their makeup blend with yours so that photos can be very attractive and show that the wedding was well planned. If you don't advise them correctly each one one of them will come with different makeup which is not a good picture for your big day.


Getting married is a wonderful experience, and looking beautiful is critical; so avoid the above biggest makeup mistakes that brides make, and you will look amazing all day during your wedding day.

Avoid those makeup mistakes especially when your wedding with be shot by a professional Videographer. For advice on videography visit